Featured Products

Below are some of the products that we feature in our office. If you are looking for a particular product that is not listed, please give us a call or go to our contact us page and ask us if it is available.

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Hoya Digital Lenses

In today's digital world, spending several hours a day staring at a screen can seem trivial. However, such prolonged screen-time can cause excessive eyestrain and eye fatigue. Hoya's digital lenses help alleviate these modern ailments.

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Maui Jim eyewear

We are proud to offer Maui Jim Eyewear in both eyeglasses as well as prescription sunglasses.  "We take our cues from the sun. It's as much a part of our lives as the air that we breathe. We work in it. We play under it. We relax in it. We are always finding new ways to reveal more of the vibrant colors of the world while protecting your eyes from the effects of harsh glare and harmful rays." - mauijim.com

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Air optix colors

  "contact lenses create a beautiful look that blends naturally with any eye color— whether you have dark eyes or light, whether you need vision correction or not. These breathable* contact lenses provide stunning eye color and outstanding comfort. Plus, their monthly replacement schedule is easy to remember ." - airoptix.com


Other eyewear

Whether you're going after a distinct look, or just trying to find a quality pair of eyewear, we have you covered.